Monday, February 18, 2008

February 20, 2008

Journal: The first American paper money was issued by Massachusetts in February 1690. If you had to name ten things that money CAN'T buy, what would you list? Write your list in the order of importance to you, with number one being the most important item.


Cindy Poe said...

Hi Miss Clark!,

I didn't quite understand this assignment. Do we have to write in 5 paragraph format or list them and then breifly explain each one, or do we just list them? Thank You!!

-Cindy :D

nicole said...

Hey Miss Clark,

I was wondering the same thing that Cindy asked! Thanks.

-Nicole :)

Miss Clark said...

Cindy/Nicole - I am not quite sure of why there is a delay in the postings on our site. I will check with technical support to see why they are not listed the day that you post. I check the site every evening around 7:00pm and these were not there last night.

The prompt reads: LIST. I know how much you have all grown in your writing abilities and you want to write those five (5) paragraphs. Last night was to just list them 1-10.

I am grading the papers now. You both did fine.

Miss Clark