Sunday, February 24, 2008

Biography Speech Rubric


Students read a novel and researched the life of a famous person. They also wrote a poem and created a timeline of a famous person’s life. To meet the Oral Language SOL 7.2, students are asked to dress up as the famous person and talk to the class about interesting details of his/her life and the person’s major contributions to society.

Scoring Guide

Ideas & Content (Score 4) _____

The speaker’s message is clear,
focused, and appropriate to the
audience & purpose. The speaker:

has clear main ideas and purpose.

has supporting details that go with the
topic, but they may not be consistent or

makes adequate connections or
conclusions but may consider only one

uses resources, when appropriate, to
provide accurate support.

is successful in fitting ideas and details to the audience and purpose.

Organization (Score 4) _____

The organization is easy to follow but may seem stilted, overly obvious, or not consistently effective. The communication has:

• an effective introduction that brings the
audience to the topic.

• a clear organizational structure that is relatively easy to follow.

• transitions that work, but that may be
formulaic or predictable.

• details that fit within a planned structure.

• a planned conclusion that may lack
subtlety, but still matches the content
and purpose of the speech.

Language (Score 4) _____

The language is original, functional and appropriate to audience and purpose. The intended message is conveyed clearly, but word choice may be somewhat lacking in vividness, precision, or interest. The communication is characterized by:

• words that work but do not create a strong impact.

• attempts at colorful language that
occasionally evoke an appropriate
emotional response from the audience, but at times may seem awkward or overdone.

• slang or jargon that, if used, does not
detract from the message or purpose.

• competent, practiced use of the technical language necessary to make the content of the speech clear.

• grammar and usage that are usually correct

Delivery (Score 4) _____

The speaker demonstrates control of technique. Minor weaknesses, while perhaps noticeable, do not detract from the message and purpose. The communication is characterized by:

• eye contact that is present but may not be made consistently with all members of the audience.

• mostly clear enunciation and correct

• effective rate, volume, tone, and voice
inflection that are appropriate to audience and purpose.

• generally fluent delivery.

• appropriate use of nonverbal techniques (i.e., facial expressions, gestures, body movements, stage presence) that helps convey the message.

Miss Clark & Mrs. Hogsett


Julie said...

Miss Clark,
I wanted to use a powerpoint for my project, but I was searching for a free trial program online and I couldn't find any. If you know of one could you post it on the website?

Miss Clark said...

Julie - While not free, you can download a TRIAL version of PowerPoint to see if you like it. Copy and paste this link into your internet browser. Before I make a purchase (a large one, at that), I want to be sure I like the program first. This is the link directly into PowerPoint:

It will give you a demo movie to watch about the product and then you can download. Prior to downloading though, please discuss this with your parents. They may want to do this with you. My son is actually the one who first taught me PowerPoint years ago; and I have loved it ever since.

Miss Clark

nicole said...

Mrs. Clark,
Did you assign any dates for our presentations on Monday?
-Nicole :)

Miss Clark said...

Welcome back! Yes, I will give you your presentation date today!

Miss Clark

DanielB said...

Miss Clark,

Can I write about my sister being a disapointment in my life.

P.S.If I spelled any words wrong let me know.

Miss Clark said...

Daniel - While you may want to write about your sister; remember that she may be a temporary disappointment. Later on in your life, things will probably change.

As a writer, you want to write things that you won't later regret, and/or if she as a reader, reads your paper she may feel hurt.

Miss Clark

PS: Disappointment (two "p"s) and correct punctuation - you would end your sentence with a question mark. Although email etiquette (writing) is so different in today's world. I think the question mark could be omitted (spelling word). :)