Saturday, January 26, 2008

Biography Rubric - A Guide for Your project.

Biography Report Scoring Guide



Report Component Criteria


Report Cover Illustration

Colored illustration, includes person’s name, birth & death dates, your name


Timeline of at least 8 events in the person’s life and pictures are included

Report Ideas & Content


Where and when the person was born & died

Where the person grew up, childhood life

Adult life and why the person is famous

How this person made an impact on others' lives

Quotes and interesting information about the person

Sentence Fluency


Capitalization, Punctuation, Using Paragraphs

Bibliography – Citing Sources

Read and locate information from three sources:

Biography novel

Internet source

Encyclopedia (on-line or print)

Important Person Poem

Write a 5 line poem including important events in the person’s life

100 Points

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