Friday, November 2, 2007


Ink on Paper

Posters for Classrooms in Bailey Bridge Middle School

The Posters should include:

What to submit:


Short Stories

Movie Reviews

Book Reviews




Favorite websites

Comics, etc....

Where to submit:

Room 713

When to submit:


Why to submit:

To be published in school wide newsletter just for students!

Thank you for for being such a super class!

Miss Clark


Cindy Poe said...

Hi Miss Clark!,
Did you recieve my PBMC notebook yet? I was just wondering if I had lost it or if I had turned it in already.

(Enjoy the extended weekend!)

goodwins said...

miss clark,
can we use construction paper or poster board and do we need to paste pictures.I am feeling alot better I will see you wednesday
jesse goodwin

Miss Clark said...

Cindy - I sure did. WOW....I am so proud of you! Granted, I'll be grading it forever; but it is so well worth it! :)

See you Wednesday!

Miss Clark

Miss Clark said...

Jesse, I am so glad to hear that you are feeling better. I miss you!

Yes, you can use construction paper - poster board may be a tad bit difficult to fold into a "mini-booklet", so I would suggest using white paper and/or the construction paper. Most of the projects come in on construction paper.

See you soon!

Miss Clark

Miss Clark said...

Oh Jesse - I didn't answer the second part of your question; that would be a N/S on a writing prompt. :(

Yes, you type or write out the required material and then paste onto the construction paper. I have samples in the classroom for you to use when you come in on Wednesday. This will help you get a better idea as to how it is to look. This will also give you time to work on the project until next Monday!

Miss Clark