Friday, November 2, 2007

Mini-book Project

Book Project

Elements of Fiction

Directions: Fold a piece of drawing paper in half, then in half again. When you unfold the paper, you will have four boxes of equal size. Cut the paper in half along one of the folds. Slip one piece of the paper inside the other, and staple the fold to create an eight-page book.

· Cover – The title and author at the top, your name in the lower right-hand corner, and a new cover design for the book.

· Inside cover (page 2) – Blank, no text.

· Page opposite the inside cover (page 3) – A description of the setting and conflict.

· Center spread, left side (page 4) – The name and brief description of the protagonist and the antagonist, and the names and descriptions of two other characters.

· Center spread, right side (page 5) – A summary of the plot.

· Next page, page 6 – A brief description of the climax.

· Inside back cover, page 7 -- Five vocabulary words (and their definitions) that are important in the book; the words might offer other students an indication of the reading level/difficulty of the book.

  • Back cover (page 8) -- A teaser written to entice others to read the book.

You will graded on- 100 points

· Completeness

· Neatness

· Creativity

  • Grammar (spelling and punctuation)
  • (Make sure to label the following: setting, conflict, protagonist, antagonist, characters, plot, and climax.)

Due Date: Monday, November 12, 2007

Parents: Please encourage your son/daughter to read for a short time every evening and to complete the project on time. They have read several novels in class during Self-Selected Reading - "SSR". Thank-you!

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goodwins said...

can we use a book from home or do we need to get one from school?
jesse goodwin

Miss Clark said...

Hi Jesse! Feeling better? The book can be from anywhere; it just needs to be FICTION and one that you have completed reading.

See you Wednesday!

Miss Clark

nicole said...

Hi Miss Clark!For our mini book project can we bring home the book that we are reading for SSR?
See you Wednesday!
-Nicole Glass

Miss Clark said...

Hi Nicole! Absolutely! Have a great two-day break! :)

Miss Clark

Eric said...

Hello Miss Clark I was wondering if I could make up my Mini-book project or do some make up work?