Saturday, March 1, 2008

March 6, 2008

Journal: Everyone has had a disappointment sometime in their life. Think about a time when you were disappointed. Write a paper telling about your disappointment. Be sure to give reasons and use descriptive (spelling/vocabulary) words.

Miss Clark & Mrs. Hogsett


DanielB said...

Miss Clark,

Can I write about five disappoints in my life.

P.S. Do the sentences have to be diagrammed.

DanielB said...

Miss Clark,

Are you ready to set your clock up another our on Saturday?

P.S.I type a little bit slow,so if I misspelled a word it was because I accidentally did it or I did it on purpose without me knowing.Also correct me If I miispelled a word on any part of this comment.

DanielB said...

Miss Clark,

I misspelled hour and misspelled on my previous comment.I typed those words faster than the other words.

Miss Clark said...

Yes, Daniel, you can write about the disappointments in your life - it does not only have to be just one.

I like your diagramming the sentences question, but NO, we'll leave the diagramming for IN CLASS. It is a complicated, yet FUN process, but at this point I want to be able to work with the class on each sentence.

Lastly - NO, I am not ready to lose an hour. I need all of the hours in a day that I can get. Although, I do like the sunlight lasting longer. (I'm glad you caught your typos, happens to everyone.)

See you in class.

Miss Clark