Friday, December 7, 2007

Monday, December 10, 2007

Unit 2 Review: Choose 16 words from Lessons 9-12. Write nice, long, elaborate sentences using your words.

Miss Clark & Mrs. Hogsett


Cindy Poe said...

HI Miss Clark,
I forgot to turn in my thank you letter to Jim Nolan yesterday. Is it alright if I bring it in on Monday? Sorry! Thanks!


Miss Clark said...

That will be fine! See you tomorrow!

Miss Clark

nicole said...

Hi Miss Clark,
Sorry i wasn`t in school today, i wasn`t feeling good when i woke up. But I am going to do my homework, so i was wondering if you could post the words on the blogspot because i don`t have them.


Julie said...

Hi Miss Clark,
I was looking over the biography handout and have a queston about the time line. It says to use the Insperation program. What is that?

Miss Clark said...

Inspiration is a software program that will assist you with making the timeline. I will show you in class what it is and how to use it. Another site that is free is:

(Cut and Paste) to your browser and scroll down to see the two time lines.

Hope this helps!

Miss Clark

Miss Clark said...

Nicole - If you click on the various months listed on the right side...*those are called archive files - they will pop up with that month's homework.

Hope you are feeling better. :)

Miss Clark